Software development for all kinds of industries

Every industry demands its own standards when adapting to ever changing environments and challenges. We strive to be specialists in complex software technology and software infrastructureWith the ambition of being ahead of competitions in your market, we support you with

  • Development and maintenance of software solutions  
  • Specialize and adapt unique solutions for your specific need  
  • Migration of software solution to the cloud 
  • Platform development and management 
  • Application development in any language for any platform 
  • Business Analysis 
  • Program and Project Management 
  • Technical Project Management 
  • Test management 
  • Solution architect 
  • Software architect & Software developer 

IT-consulting for continuous improvement of processes

A crucial, but often underestimated success factor for businesses is effective business processes and a safe, clear and well-arranged IT-landscape. We work on solving challenging software problems, which require in depth knowledge of end-to-end technology and business scenarios (including mainframe computer, networks, desktops, mobile devices and embedded systems).We are happy to support you in optimizing these processes with the following services:   

  • Transforming legacy systems and applications for the cloud 
  • Implementing machine learning to get the data to work for you 
  • Analysis and optimization of secured business processes  
  • Agile project management  
  • Introduce agile work environment, e.g. SCRUM 
  • IT Strategy and Planning 
  • IT Service Management Assessment 
  • Business Processes and Cost Optimization 
  • Risk Management 
  • Program and Project Management 
  • IT Leadership Services 

Data Science to organize and use the gathered data

We all gather tons of data every day. Data can be used to better understand customers and their behaviour, use machines more efficiently, understand correlations and, last but not least: learn and improve continuously.  We can help you use data science with:   

  • Development of scalable data architecture 
  • Enhancing data ecosystems 
  • Enabling better decision making through better data structuring and presentation 
  • Ensuring successful data migration projects 
  • Optimization 
  • Data mining, including big data 
  • Prediction (what-if analysis) 
  • Forecasting 
  • Image Analysis Software Consulting and Development 

User Experience Design to make solutions intuitive and joyful to use

Your users expect software solutions to be efficient, intuitive, appealing and safe. Hence, our UX-designers guarantee these promises from project start to end: 

  • Evaluate the goals and expectations of each project  
  • Design sustainable and long-lasting design systems  
  • Usability testing  
  • Secured data analysis, e.g. Deep Learning  
  • Visualization of business data to support decision making processes 

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