Johanne Lilleengen

Get to know Guillaume Wolf – The youngest and newest General Manager in the DR family

The launch of Data Respons France is the start of an exciting chapter for all of us in the DR family. We are following the establishment of our brand in a new market with great excitement. Guillaume Wolf, General Manager of Data Respons has been a part of this journey since the first of October, giving his best effort to build up the Paris office: finding solid key employees as well as the first customers. We used the opportunity to have a chat with Guillaume on how it is going and what’s keeping him occupied these days. Get to know Data Respons France!

Launching Data Respons in France

Today Data Respons is launching the newest addition to the family – Data Respons France. Located in Paris the company is able to access much of the European continent. And support our parent company, AKKA Technologies, and their customer base in France.