Johanne Lilleengen

Interrupt Inside 2021

Interrupt Inside 2021 Vol.1

Twice a year Data Respons gathers their most popular in-depth technology articles in our own magazine: Interrupt Inside.
Vol 1 is now live on our website! Focusing on the latest trends in software development, industrial digitalisation, IoT and embedded solutions market.

Six months into Data Respons France

We’ve had the chance to check in with Data Respons Frances’ General Manager, Guillaume Wolf, to see how it’s going 6 months after starting up a new office in Paris. Not only did the company launch during a global pandemic, but the Data Respons brand was also introduced into a new market – both of which represent a few challenges.

Kenneth Ragnvaldsen – Enabling a Digital future with Data Respons

Kenneth Ragnvaldsen, the CEO of Data Respons, had a chat with AKKA Technologies on how Data Respons is Enabling a Digital Future. As everything around us is getting more and more connected and gathers more and more data, we are constantly enabling digital products, processes and business models. Together, we develop smarter products and systems. As a consequence, we create a more efficient, productive, and sustainable world.

The 2020s: the decade of software-defined mobility

Electrification, autonomous driving and all-embracing vehicle connectivity is fundamentally changing the way we move goods and people around, and the digitalisation of mobility has the potential to help us handle the huge challenges the world is facing regarding urbanisation, sustainability and climate change. No doubt, the 2020s will be the decade of software-defined mobility.

Connecting Cranes to The Cloud

Take a look at the image below. If the only thing you see is a crane with electronics in it, then you’re missing the big picture. These cranes are connected to the cloud by a gateway developed by Data Respons Solutions, which is a key enabler in Cargotec’s journey towards digitalisation.

No Internet of Things without strong cyber security

The concept of IoT holds great potential: By connecting millions of devices to the internet we can save time and money and become more efficient, we can offer our customers more convenience, better service and much more. But no grand vision without a snake pit of problems: With the Internet of Things comes the Internet of Threats. We need to protect our new network-aware systems and devices. There will be no Internet of Things without a strong focus on cyber security.