About Data Respons France

Advanced Software Development, Digitalisation and IoT is our Specialty

With highly specialised software engineers, a diversified customer portfolio and local autonomy, Data Respons, a pure play digital leader, launched its French subsidiary in 2020. By exporting its operating model to France, Data Respons is now able to offer cutting edge digital expertise to the French market creating new products, processes and business models.

The technological complexity is increasing as more sensors and units are connected, enormous amounts of data collected and analysed, systems integrated both in the edge and in cloud-based platforms whilst maintaining end-to-end security.

Data Respons France is specialising in solving challenging problems and developing complex software, which require in depth knowledge of end-to-end technology and business scenarios, including mainframe computer, networks, desktops, mobile devices and embedded systems. 

Dedicated specialised teams

Get on-demand access to high-end technical expertise as well as well proven agile methodology when you need to scale up your development project or complement your existing R&D team.

Increase your project capacity

Our development specialists work as an extension of your in house team offering flexibility and cost effectiveness. We bring extensive industrial knowledge and skills according to your project needs and transparency through dynamic and agile work models.

Faster time to market

Data Respons France has the resources to start new projects immediately. Our talented specialists who has both the technology skills you need and the appropriate industrial knowledge. This allows your company to be more agile and bring projects faster to your customers.


Create competitive power and drive digital transitions for our customers through customised technology and niche specialists*

*thus contributing to a more sustainable future for all


No. 1 choice on Industrial digitalization, Connectivity (IoT) and Embedded technologies – Offering a unique dual expertise in engineering and digital expertise for the entire product life-cycle.


The Data Respons Group

Data Respons is a pure-play digital leader with an in-depth expertise in software development, R&D services, advanced embedded systems and IoT solutions. The number of blue-chip customers is increasing, and Data Respons expects this trend to continue going forward. The trends of increased automation, digitalisation and ‘everything connected’ (IoT) fit well with both the Data Respons’ business units and competence map. The company can develop everything, from the sensor level to the mobile app, making it an ideal partner for its customers in their digital transition.    

The company has a highly diversified customer portfolio in industries such as the Mobility sector, Telecom & Media, MedTech, Security, Space & Defence, Energy & Maritime, Finance & Public and Industrial Automation.

Data Respons is headquartered in Oslo (Norway) and has a strong portfolio of clients in the Nordic region and in Germany, supported by 1,400 software & digital specialists. Data Respons has achieved an 17% annual growth over the last 20 years. 

In 2020 AKKA Technologies acquired Data Respons, and thus creating Europe’s largest digital solutions powerhouse, able to address the high-volume and fast-paced growth in the digital market. 

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